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Written by lb on February 16, 2016

Welcome to Our Blog!


After proudly operating as a Pigeon Forge institution for more than 25 years, Lid'l Dolly's Factory Store is ready to take the Internet by storm! Word-of-mouth buzz from our satisfied customers has gotten us far, but attempting to answer the many questions that people have about our business, quilts, the local area and other topics isn't easy! Instead, we've created this blog to share interesting stories, tidbits, advice and other information with the world at large. If you're intrigued by Pigeon Forge, southern style, quilts, the Great Smoky Mountains, Dollywood or by anything that remotely touches upon our business, be sure to bookmark this page--we will be bringing you tons of exciting content in the weeks to come!

Unlike so many blogs that are operated by small businesses, ours isn't designed to be salesy or promotional. Instead, it's just our way of engaging with our audience in new and interesting ways. With this blog, we plan to share information that we'd enjoy just as much as you will. We're bursting with ideas that we'd like to share with you, and we're confident that you'll enjoy learning more about everything from patchwork quilts to local attractions like Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

This page is more than a quilt blog, but many of the topics that we cover will, indeed, pertain to southern quilts. After all, they're a huge part of what we do! Our reputation was made by the quality, style and sheer abundance of these lovely pieces, but there's so much more than meets the eye in terms of their designs, how they're made, how new designs are created and other related topics. If you're intrigued by this kind of thing, you're going to have a blast checking out our newest posts.

The world has changed at breakneck speeds over the last few decades, but Pigeon Forge is one of those places where time sort of stands still. In this part of the country, we value tradition and understand that sometimes, the old way of doing things is still the best way. We're proud to be located in this beautiful mountain resort city and know local attractions like Dollywood like the backs of our hands. Our goal with this blog is to make you feel like you're experiencing a little slice of southern pride and hospitality whenever you stop by for a visit--and for you to come away with a better understanding of quilts and other goods that we supply.

Whether you've been to Lid'l Dolly's Factory Store in the past or are hoping to check it out for the first time in the near future, this blog is sure to keep you intrigued and entertained. It may also make you wistful for a simpler time. Just remember that while many things change and evolve on a daily basis, the quality of our goods and the southern hospitality of our staff are unwavering. This is merely our inaugural post, but we will have plenty of new ones for your reading pleasure in the days to come, so stay tuned!

Article written by lb

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